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silentlikeamime's Journal

24 April
In the morning
When you throw up water
And your skin turns a pale, pale yellow
Well, every day you lose more color
Do you think that someone paints your mirror?
So you think that things sound different
At the time when you speak
Well, there are visions much clearer than these blurs that you see
And like Neely O'Hara you swallow your sleep
And wake up in the morning
To find you are not who you used to be
You don't recognize the behavior
Or the spelling of your name and the shape that is in the mirror
Well, you'd swear it is not the same
And like Neely O'Hara
You swallow your sleep and you really can't remember
But you know you are not
Think you are not
No, you are not who you used to be

I am Mime
I like boys who look like kittens.